DriveChat Squad Bundle

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3 Chat Rooms for Specific Purposes🎙️

Channel 1 is used for: Cruising and finding other drivers👋

Channel 2: Communications for road traffic🚦

Channel 3: Hosting challenges and meet-ups🚗🚘

Two Mile Range📡

DriveChat has a built in Super-Antenna allowing for a maximum range of 2.1 Miles. Perfect for those looking for other drivers to ride with.

7 Hour Battery Life🔋

Our built in battery system allows for up to 7 hours non stop use.

Users can also keep there DriveChat plugged in on the go for unlimited use without worry of your battery running out.


DriveChat has 0 installation. Turn it on, drive around, meet other drivers and have fun!.


Our customer support is available 24/7!Average answer time: 2hrs